Human Design 101

Human Design 101

 Using metaphor for a moment, imagine …

… that you have been given a one-of-a-kind self-driving car that comes with a highly efficient, completely flawless computer system. Your bright and shiny new car operates unlike any car on the planet. It’s electrical system is wired randomly yet fires at just the right times. Some of the components of the inner workings of your car aren’t even connected; regardless it hums along like a well-oiled machine. It’s design is exceptional with lots of windows and openings; but at the same time it is solid and reliable, so much so it has a potential lifespan of 100 years. It does require fuel and by day’s end it usually runs out of “gas,” but it automatically recharges completely overnight.

 Every owner of these one-of-a-kind cars comes with a very intricate and detailed Operating Manual. By lifting the hood of the car and following along with the manual, every owner can learn the correct way to care for their priceless high performance vehicle. To enjoy this “car’s” high-tech operating potential all one must learn are a few simple tools. That’s when the best road trip of your life begins!

 ~ ~ ~ ~

 This metaphor is a simple way to explain Human Design.

 Our body is the vehicle. Human Design is the owner’s manual.

Using a person’s birthplace and time of birth (this information must be specific) an Analyst or Guide places the information into the HD software and a personalized unique body graph is created, combining Astrology, the Kabala, I’ Ching, and a 9-Centered Chakra system. The four sciences, when combined in this way, become a quantum expression of you, one that correlates with each person’s DNA and personal biology.

 In its essence, Human Design can be applied simply and offers its practitioners very simple tools that have the potential to transform how life is experienced. Many find it is like taking off a blindfold and being able to see the world for the first time through clear eyes. It was and is intended for our children, to help parents raise them with awareness, compassion, and patience, so they can become their own authority and reach their full potential as adults. The implications of this ideal is broadreaching, one that can potentially help children reject peer pressure and bullying, to name just a couple of things children face today.

On a broader level, the International Human Design School offers courses and classes, all available online regardless of where you live for those who seek to understand this science at deeper levels. Once the course work is completed, certification is available as Analysts or Guides should that be desired.

Human Design science is growing at a rapid rate. To insure the accuracy of the information you receive, use only specifically trusted sites, such as Jovian Archive or the International Human Design School (IHDS). Readings by Certified Analysts are recommended and encouraged. LYD Certified Guides offering live and online Living Your Design workshops and provide simple tools that make living your unique design simple. To confirm the legitimacy of any person representing Human Design, inquire whether they use only official reference books and workbooks, professionally produced and authorized by Jovian or IHDS.

Human Design is not for everyone but for those who choose to explore and experiment, it is the closest thing to coming home anyone will ever experience.





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