The Secret of Waiting

It’s one that every feline, domestic or wild, knows.

 I’ve only been truly practicing waiting for a couple of years but in the beginning waiting felt counterintuitive. I was quite comfortable being busy and spontaneous, slow to trust that waiting would yield any benefit to my goals or my life. When the idea was introduced through Human Design, I might never have trusted the concept of waiting had I not already experienced firsthand success using other Human Design tools.  

I had always prided myself as a person willing to “jump in,” ready to take risks. Trying to prove myself, I experienced one failed enterprise after another. Naturally spontaneous, I trusted others more and never waited. I never graced myself with enough time, time that would eventually expose flaws or false foundations that were there from the beginning. The idea of slowing down, stopping, terrified me. I was mentally certain that if I did not act, the moment would be lost and I would lose out.  

 I felt courageous every time, diving in without question until years of hard work and effort melted away along with my confidence. Either betrayed, ashamed, or embarrassed, facing reality was retribution for what I eventually felt was a stupid decision. Licking my wounds, I didn’t wait but instead jumped into the next “greatest” opportunity.  It was a cyclical nightmare.

 Until I met Human Design and started waiting.

 I now trust that “doing nothing” is “doing everything” as I move closer and closer to living the life I’ve always dreamed I was capable of living. Waiting gives me a chance for clarity, for personal honesty, for self-acceptance. Amazingly, the correct things find me. I trust myself and in the comfort of my own skin say “no” with certainty and “yes” with confidence.

I have to admit it was hard as heck in the beginning. Fears were amplified and frustrations increased my anxiety until I experienced results. In short order, however, practicing it renewed and saved my relationships, my health, and my sanity a thousand times over. Frustrated far less frequently these days, I am at peace and trust the unknown.

 There is a traffic light near our home. It sits on an extremely busy street where drivers often run through red lights rushing by at speeds of up to 60 mph. I don’t trust green lights any longer. Instead of “go” they mean “wait and then move cautiously.” That little shift in my perception has saved my life, literally and metaphorically, more than once.  

 Not everything is life threatening and green lights can mean go; but in the words of my mentor and dear friend, Mary Ann Winniger, Wait! Trust that life knows where you live. I would add, “Enter the intersection slowly!” It’s a wonderful thing to discover that life is on your side and has been patiently waiting for you to slow down and join it!

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Candace Conradi